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As any of the top real estate agents in Jacksonville FL can tell you, this city is the place to be. With an attractively low median home price, great job opportunities, and a long list of fun things to see and do, there’s no question about that. If you’re thinking of moving here, the local Jacksonville’s realtors will assure you of you’re excellent choice! Take Jacksonville’s real estate market, for example. It’s red hot! Ask any of the top local real estate agents in Jacksonville FL; they’ll tell you the same thing. According to real estate agents in Jacksonville, the average cost of a home in Jacksonville is uncharacteristically low, with many significantly lower than the national and state average. For those of you on a tight budget, this will no doubt be music to your ears, just keep in mind to contact the local real estate agents in Jacksonville Florida to help you get the best price! Another thing the top real estate agents in Jacksonville won’t fail to mention when talking to prospective home buyers is the city’s excellent job market. Jacksonville is always in need of both certified tradespeople, manual laborers, and service workers; no matter your trade or profession, you’re sure to find work in Jacksonville! If you are worried about running out of things to do, don’t! Just make sure your Jacksonville realtor knows what interests you. The city of Jacksonville has a wide range of fun things to see and do, from educational attractions like museums and art galleries, to more down to earth attractions like bars, clubs, and restaurants. Whatever your tastes and preferences, you're sure to find something to your liking! If you had any doubts that Jacksonville is the right place for you, we hope this has dispelled them. On this page, you'll find a list containing the contact information of the top real estate agents in Jacksonville FL, and there's no one better to find you the perfect home than the local Jacksonville realtors! Before you know it, you might just be calling the city of Jacksonville your home. Good luck!
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When one thinks about Florida, Miami and Orlando are the first cities that comes to mind, right? But did you know that none of them are the biggest city in the Sunshine State? Yes; Jacksonville is the largest city by population in Florida, with about 892,062 inhabitants and the largest city by area (840 square miles) in the contiguous 48 states. It sits next to the Atlantic Ocean and the St. John's River and it’s one of the cities with the best housing markets in the country.
Jacksonville Real Estate Agents will be quick to point out that people from Jacksonville are not like Jason “Jianyu” Mendoza - the incredibly dumb character from NBC’s “The Good Place” – after all the city is home to Jacksonville University, the University of North Florida, and the Florida State College. But Jacksonville Real Estate Agents won’t be able to deny that everybody there, just like Jianyu, really do love the Jaguars – even when they suck; which, sadly, has been the norm throughout most of its young history.
Though the city doesn’t have a Museum on our Best Museums in the USA list, it is home to many artistic and cultural attractions, including the Florida Theater, the Times-Union Center for the Performing Arts and the Alhambra Dinner Theater. The Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens and the Adventure Landing amusement park are also located in the city and are an attraction for children and adult alike. So, no Jianyu; Jacksonville is like super duper extra smart, yo! And extra safe, too! Have you ever heard of the NAS Jax?
NAS Jax stands for Naval Air Station Jacksonville - a military airport only 8 miles south of the central business district of Jacksonville. It is more like a closed and independent community since it employs more than 17,000 active duty and civilian personnel - a small town itself, where people come and go, rent and buy. If you are about to move here, housing is usually not a problem. For on-base housing facilities, contact Balfour Beatty Communities (904) 908-0821. For off-base housing, get in touch with a real estate agent from Jacksonville - there are plenty of neighborhoods to choose from. Now seriously, if you are looking to buy a home in Jacksonville, there are over 500 neighborhoods including LaVilla, Brooklyn, Springfield and San Marco as well as neighboring cities of Atlantic Beach and Neptune Beach.
In Jacksonville, you can find the largest urban park system, authentic cuisine, and a thriving craft-beer scene. No need to say that here are some of the finest beaches that meet the Atlantic ocean’s waves. Jacksonville loves water. In fact, circling back to the Jaguars; their stadium is the only one in the NFL (in the world?) that has a pool on the bleachers! That’s how much they love water. Everyone in Jacksonville knows someone with a boat… everyone sails. So, while developing your career at NAS Jax, why not contact a real estate broker in Jacksonville to start your first real estate investment? You can invest in a vacation rental property or in a retirement home since the weather here is excellent all year round.
Back on base, the Jacksonville provides everything for its community - starting with an up-to-date website. Moving to Jacksonville will be painless, not only for military personnel with families but for the single ones as well. The Unaccompanied Personnel Housing Office can be reached at (904) 542-8195.
With your basic allowance for housing (BAH)  you can either live on-base or find a property nearby, by contacting a real estate agent from Jacksonville. If you can apply for a VA loan, nothing should stop you to locate an affordable property by looking at the new listings provided by real estate brokers in Jacksonville.
NAS Jax is all about excellence. Naval Air Station Jacksonville supports U.S. and allied forces providing anti-submarine warfare and training the best aviators in the world. No wonder Jacksonville is on our Best Cities to Invest in Real Estate list, right? Contact one of our many Jacksonville Real Estate Agents right now so you can enjoy Jacksonville as soon as possible!

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